Spring Break and Mountains to climb

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2009 at 4:47 am

Hey All! I am again behind in my updates for you! I have now on spring break and have been enjoying the first couple of days in Everson, Washington with my roommate Cj and his girlfriend Lacy. We have spent a couple days touring Everson (okay a few minutes) but it has been quite enjoyable. We went and saw Ryan Styles put on a improv show on Saturday night and had a blast laughing our pants off in the Bellingham High Auditorium. This morning we spent the lunch hours at Cj’s grandmothers house and I met a lot of his family. We then spent a few hours up in Canada since Lacy had never been there. We tried to find a hill that had been told to have the mystical powers to run water uphill. We failed in our attempts however to find it, but it was still a good trip. We went and shopped a little in the stores before returning to Everson and have been spending the day watching a movie and having a fun time watching the Amazing Race. Those wondering when I will be in Marysville you will not have to wait much longer. I will be in town tomorrow afternoon probably around 1 or so. We plan on being in town for a few days together before Lacy and Cj will take off to go to Lacy’s home in Montana. I will be in town until Sunday and will leave after ill church. I look forward to seeing many of you! Now on to the stuff that usually comes with these emails, the school info, work, etc. I am sure you are all wondering how thsoe finals went! I had three finals since you last heard from me. On Tuesday I had my most draining final Precalc at 4 in the afternoon, meaning I missed a couple hours of work, but obviously for good reason. I know that I ended with an 82% on the final which was what I had figured I had done while taking it. I spent 2 and a half hours taking it and was dead when I returned to my room for dinner. Wednesday found me in my final education class of the quarter, this final did not take long and I know that I did really well in the class overall. My final final was in geology and I hope to have done pretty well on that one as well. I will let you all know next week how my week has gone and how my grades were as they will be released on Tuesday. I expect to get pretty close to a 4.0 in at least two of my classes with mid 3’s in my other two which is still really well. Work is still continuing in our room, we all will miss it this next week and we hope to continue the rest of the year in high spirits! Well as this quarter winds down it brings me into the next quarter that is sure to bring great fun. I already bought my books for my classes my favorite of which being the nine books that I have obtained for my Children’s lit class I have already read one and am well into another with two more brought home with me on spring break. The one that I finished is called Kampung Boy which is a book about a boys journey into adelesence it is written in a quick moving way with pictures taking up much of the pages. It is set in a south east Asia country and the boy is in a Kampung or a little village that he rarely sees the outside of. It was pretty good. The book that I have now jumped into is called Three Cups of Tea and is about Greg Morenson a man who travels to the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan and he stumbles into a village where there is no school. He promises to return and build the children a school, over the next 10 years he builds 55 schools and still continues this day building schools. So for now as it is 945 at night I will bid you adue and see some of you soon! Brandon


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