Short, Late, but a great weekend!

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2009 at 7:21 pm

Hey all! I know I am a few days behind my normal day to send these out! I did not send one this past week because I took off on Friday right after my classes finished up and went to Tall Timber for what was a wonderful weekend in the snow and amazing people! I will delve into that story near the end! As far as everything else I am doing well! School last week was really good, it is considered dead week, the week right before finals. Math finished up the series that we had been going over, and ended with a review on Thursday and the last exam which I got a B on. I ended up getting an extra 6 points on my Exam Three from a couple weeks ago due to extra credit given this past week bumping that grade to an A. Chicano Studies finished up on Friday with a final multiple choice test. Geology is winding down this coming Friday at 8 am with its 55 question multiple choice final. Education had its last class date on Tuesday with a final this coming Wednesday that is also multiple choice and I will get my portfolio which contains articles relating to teaching, and my teaching philosophy. Math’s final is tomorrow at 4 and I expect to do well of all of them! Work last week went fairly well. We were however without kids as they had conferences and had only half days of school. We diligently stayed behind to watch the classroom and get some more hours just in case some of the kids showed up! We have a guy come in each Wednesday to teach the kids something about Music who has agreed to teach me and one of my coworkers how to play the guitar! Which is quite exciting! Other than that not much news for work this week! Adventures come and go, this week saw no adventures as we all buckled down for this coming week! Many of you I am sure are wondering what my spring break plans are! I will be back in Marysville a week from today with Cj and Lacy staying until Wednesday at which point they will continue to Montana to visit Lacy’s Family I will be In Everson with them this coming weekend. We will leave on Friday as soon as I am done with work! I look forward to seeing many of you next week! As far as the snow retreat Tall Timber is simply amazing and served as a great break from life. With no cell service you can easily get away from the problems of life as the snow tumbles down around you. I thank my dad for driving so much to come get me and bring me home and back to school. This weekend brought a great time to be with a lot of people from the church that I miss seeing weekly while I am here and also brought some excercise and laughs and just great joy. I am quite sore after a weekend of Cross Country Skiing, tubing, running, a night game, and just hanging out. I really did enjoy my weekend up at the ranch and cannot thank anyone enough for letting me come! I will be off for now I miss and love you all! Brandon


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