The final push, tickets, and a heartfelt shoutout!

In Uncategorized on March 7, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Hey Everyone! It is Saturday Morning and I can hardly believe how fast this quarter has gone by! We are rounding the final corner this next week as we prepare for finals and even take a couple of them before our final stretch in two weeks! I am very excited to come home in a couple of weeks! This week had another blur of activity as all of my days got a lot shorter because of a very good reason! Classes are still going well. I got my first ten on a lab this quarter for my water table lab (running water and ground water lab along with the porosity of rocks). It was very exciting to have finally gotten full points on a lab, although I have come close before, it goes to show that Geology is a tough class, and not my best subject! The midterms continue to come for Geology, as a matter of fact I have one to finish up by Monday! Chicano Studies is rapidly winding down, I am possibly taking my final for that class on Friday, it will be another 20 question test multiple choice, I do not see a bad grade coming from that class at all. Education is also winding down with only one more class day before the final I am diligently working on a few things to be put together for a portfolio. First I am looking for three items of print (either from the newspaper (which I have a lovely stack of here) or online sources) to write three one page papers on that reflect on the story and the impact that they will have on my teaching career, and me as a teacher. Another paper I am working on for that class is about the three things that I learned while in Education 201, this one is a simple paper made harder by narrowing it down to just three, I have no doubt that in the end I will come out on top of it though! The last, and most important, paper that I am writing for Education 201 is my teaching philosophy. I am bringing in what I believe is the way teaching should happen, I am describing how I will teach in my classroom, I do this all with the view that no one has the stake on the “right way” to do anything in this world your way is as good as mine, and mine as good as yours. I look forward to writing it and putting my foot further in the education door. Finally, we have math! Oh my lovely math, I got a B on the test I told you all about last week, not too bad. I am this week working on sequences, which I remember slightly and have helped others with this year before, so I am getting a handle on them. It is all a matter of being able to put it all together and come up with an equation and also recognizing them as such. I had a rather hard one the other day on a quiz (that thankfully we were allowed to take home and work on) that really had me stumped I did not know what to do, so I want to issue it to the Math types on my list and see if you can come up with an equation for it! We have been using the (a sub n) types, but if you used y= it would still be the same! So here is our sequence: 1,1/2,3,1/4,5,1/6 Good luck! So as to my days being uncommonly shortened is due to one very good thing, work. Simply I worked 15 hours this past week passing an average 2 week work week by 3 hours in time. It has been great to be reopened and fully running again. We have not had a great turn out for the most part, only 2 kids and 1 extra volunteer everyday. Monday we did, however, have 6 kids total with 5 “supervisors” which was good! We have been doing many different activities than we used to have. Our video games are obsolete and missing in storage, so we are without those. We continue to do our homework hour at the beginning of the day, followed by snacks, then a free time which has changed. We are bringing in Joe, our music guy, once a week on Wednesdays to help the kids learn beats, rhythms, how to play a couple of different instruments. We are celebrating many different holidays that line the months. Last Monday was Dr. Suess Day, so we brought in some Dr. Suess books, coloring pages, and Horton Hears A Who. Yesterday Oreo Cookies turned 97 years old so we celebrated the first day they went on sale in stores with cookies and milk. We have a library card that we will put to use next week as we walk to the Cheney Public Library and check out books for the kids to read during their hour of homework if they do not have homework! It has been good and I know it will continue to go well! As far as adventures go, I do have one for you this week. Tuesday morning was just like any other day, I woke up at 6, got Cj up and went to the shower. I changed clothes, and sat at my computer until seven at such a time that I went to breakfast and class. After my 9 am Geology class I rushed back to the dorm, much to my relief before the clock struck 10. For this was the day, that I would do the thinkable, the knowable, nothing touching the impossible, I would -gasp- buy concert tickets. I logged in to buy Taylor Swift tickets for the 14th of May at the Spokane Arena. I was able to secure floor seats for myself and Krista, a co-worker, who wanted to come with! I now have the tickets (along with two that Cj purchased) locked away in a secret place that no one will ever know about! I cannot wait until that day! It will be terribly exciting! Anyways I hope that was a good enough adventure for you all! I know, I know, it wasn’t that exciting, but I thought you all should know about it! Track team! I hope you all had a wonderful first week of practice (along with any of you who play other sports, I just tend to favor my sports)! I hoep to come see you run in a few different meets this year! Mr. Davis, Mr. Reichel, or Mrs. Edens, I am wondering if one of you could send me the track schedule for the year? Just as an attatchement is all, so that I have it that would be great! If you could tell everyone hello for me that would also be wonderful! Visit my blog! I hope you all have a great weekend and a great week! Love and Miss you all! Brandon


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