Excitement, Lonliness, and a bit of a surprise!

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2009 at 2:37 pm

Hey all well it is that time again! What a week it has been! I hope that all of you had as wonderful a week as I have had! The trip home was wonderful! It was such a busy weekend or Saturday at least as Friday and Sunday consisted of mainly driving. If you know me at all you know I value my sleep very much and I will let you know that my earliest time to bed last weekend was midnight! It was good seeing all of you though so the loss of sleep was well worth the time spent with you! It has been crazy Monday I woke up and got ready for another week of math lessons as we moved through hyperbolas and then worked on shifting everything we had learned in the past week and a half (parabolas, hyperbolas, and ellipses) we had our test on all of this material alongside the vector work and such yesterday. I feel as though I did fairly well with it, there was one question that I am not sure how I did, I got a few points for sketching the graphs correctly, but I am not sure how she wanted the rest of the information, it was a very open ended question, we were to sketch the three graphs then describe their characteristics. I will let you all know next week how I did. The rest of my classes are going fairly well. I had a lab on geological time this past week, which went fairly well I believe. We had a pop quiz on a movie that we watched on Wednesday on tsunami’s specifically the one that happened a few years back in the Indian Ocean near Sumatra. Chicano Studies found a paper due, which I wrote on the Virgin of Guadalupe. In education we got our midterms back I got a 22 out of 25 on it which was the average scoring for the class. I have now signed up for my spring quarter classes. I am so looking forward to next quarter! I signed up for certain classes on Thursday that I am no longer enrolled in due to many different things let me explain. My main class that I wanted to get into is the Global View through Children’s Literature class that is offered only spring quarter here at Eastern. I had already planned on taking it, and had from my boss, Sue, been told it is a great class to take. I went to sign up on Thursday morning to find only two spots open in the class, my computer began being extremely slow. As soon as Cj signed up for classes he switched to my name and we signed up for it! Whew that was close, I was able to get in and take one of the last two spots. I also had him sign up for my first Calculus class for me, English 201, our Racqetball class, and a Swing Dancing class that I will be taking with Cj, Lacy, Krista, and Nikki (the last two I work with). It will be extremely fun and I cannot wait! I had been thinking though that I only had 17 credits, which is not a terrible thing to have 18 is the most that I can take. I did however wish to take 18. I logged back in today and dropped my English 201 class and signed up for another Gecker that I need to take English 170. This moved my schedule around just enough so that I could sqeeze into a third PE class Bloomsday Conditioning! Which of course I am extremely excited for and am pulling out another 18 credit quarter! I am so EXCITED!!! There are not many terribly exciting things that are going on here. Cj and Lacy took off for Everson this weekend on a whim yesterday when Tina Cj’s sister called and asked if he wanted to go home this weekend to surprise his parents. So they took off and saw them. So I sit here typing this to you looking out a wonderfully blue and orange sky as the sun comes up in a gorgeous sunrise lighting up the campus. I believe I will watch the movie Stand and Deliver about a teacher in a southern California school who finds himself teaching a group of mainly Hispanic students who are at a remedial level for their math courses, and takes many of them to a 4’s or 5’s on the AP Calculus test. I am supposed to watch a movie that deals with teaching and and write a paper a couple of pages in length about the statement that is being made through it for my education class. I figured this would be a great movie to write about because it deals with the subject that I plan to teach, and also I really like the movie having watched it a couple of times throughout high school. For those of you who are wondering where my reading section went last week I did not finish a book in the week. I actually had started Barack Obama’s Dreams from my father getting partyway through. I have actually set it aside because when I went home I visited my Aunt Linda and got some books from her 4 to be exact and started reading those on the way home. I finished The Five People You Meet In Heaven on Wednesday night when I couldn’t sleep (I got 6 hours that night compared to the 11 the night before), and I finished The Christmas Sweater last night. Both are fantastic reads and rather quick ones. I checked out a book by Anne Rice Christ is Lord Road to Cana yesterday from the library on campus, I started it and got a few pages into it before I nodded off for another 8 hours of sleep! I save what I believe the best news for last. As you all know from my countless emails this quarter (okay only 8 now) I have been out of work because of a collapsed roof due to the snow. The sad thing has been the kids without a place to go, and the other countless organizations that have been misplaced and shut down that were in the Wren Pierson Building. We at the Cheney Hangout have been working tirelessly throughout the quarter to find a new place to set up if only temporarily for the rest of the quarter or even school year. We have had places that were perfect for us fall through. We have also had places that are perfect for us as a permanent location until the Wren Pierson Building is rebuilt that have just not gotten back to us. We continue to try and find a permanent place for us to reside. We will be opening in a temporary location on campus for at least the rest of the quarter and hopefully the school year, in a building on campus. The only downfall to this is that we must set up and tear down everything each day. We do not have many of the video games that we used to have as they are lost in a storage unit that is hardly navigable. We do however have some very creative staff (I can be considered slightly creative at times) and have come up with multiple different ideas that are going to get us through this time. We continue to work to find a new more permanent place to move into this summer and next year. Until then the Cheney Hangout is back open and I will be working every day again! I hope that last bit was good news to leave you all with as I head out into my day to begin an adventure! I love you all and miss you dearly looking forward to the time when we meet again, Brandon


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