Not much to say, but a travel home

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2009 at 2:51 pm

Hey All! I know that it is Friday and this is a day or two earlier than I normally send it out to you, but that is because I am heading home this weekend! This week was a short one with the holiday on Monday, but a terribly long one due to a sickness that still persists to this moment. I have been taking Nyquil and dropping off earlier than I normally do (ya I’ve been asleep earlier than 9:30 this week). Although a short week it has been slightly eventful. I had an uneventful weekend with Cj gone along with everyone else on our floor, but did keep the company of Anna on Saturday and Sunday which was quite fun! School has been going along at its usual pace. I had a midterm on Tuesday in my Education class which I believe went well, I may have missed a few in the matching of people, but overall I expect to have done well on it. This coming week we will be attending a seminar in honor of Black History Month and the topic of the week teaching exceptional learners! Anyways education continues to make Tuesdays long and battling a sickness and sitting in class for 3 hours was not a very fun experience. Chicano Studies has no more new activities yes, we do have a paper due this next week on any topic in the Mexican American Culture that I will probably write a rough draft for on the car ride home this weekend. Geology has been pretty good with two midterms this past weekend and one that is up at the moment, learning about streams and groundwater of late. Math continues to be my favorite subject easily, as we move into Vectors and the components of them (much like my class with you Mr. Rohde) and just starting to move into parabolas and finding their equations using the focus point, directix, and focal diameter (tomorrow I think we cover elipses). Work is at a standstill as we speak. I worked for a little bit yesterday setting up the phone tree that will call the elementary schools and families to let them know we are back open, when we open back up. At this moment I have no new information for you about when we will be open, just that we are waiting for legal matters to be finalized so we can move to the classroom we are supposed to have. For those of you wondering about my book scholarship I recieved The Chronicles of Narnia today and await the C.S. Lewis Signature Classics which should be here soon, I had to reorder them today so they are supposed to ship out on Monday, to arrive in a couple of weeks. Other than that not much has been going on, we have been plauged with no racquetball because of my sickness, and will probably not play until next week. I look forward to seeing some of you this weekend and others of you when I come home again! Love and miss you! Brandon


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