A continued job loss, and a book scholarship

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EWU Snow

EWU Snow

Good Morning Everyone! It is that time of week again, where you all get to sit back and read a little bit about what has happened in the ever exciting life of Brandon Nobach. Now I know this can be overbearing at times, so I ask everyone to keep their arms, hands, legs, feet, and any other ligaments safely inside the vehicle at all times to prevent any dangerous happenings from well, happening. This week was a blur as they continue to be every week, I really wish I knew how to slow time down to enjoy each day as it happens instead of rushing through it, especially Tuesdays. This past week was (I believe) considered our midterm week. Although I only had one test this past week which I got a B- on I do not feel as though it was a stressful week. I have a midterm next week for my Education class that I believe will be a good test. I continue to dread Tuesdays for their length but look forward to them because it offers my the hardest day of the week early on and makes the rest of the week a downhill roll. My classes continue to go well. My lab for geology this past week consisted of Metamorphic Rocks which my lab partner Lisa and I thought was the easiest one for us to do thus far and feel really good about it. Chicano Studies continues to struggle to find a place in my heart that has any interest to me. I do really enjoy learning about the culture of Mexican Americans living in America, but I just cannot get into the class, but I diligently continue to go to class and pay attention to take something from it. Math is continuing to surprise me in how much I already know. We have started on Polar Equations and Rectangular Equations, things that I was taught in Junior year in Core 4 by Mr. Rohde. The only thing that I am working on at the moment in math that I haven’t seen before are the graphs of the Polar Equations which are so fantastic. You have your floral graphs (dubbed #-leaved Rose) and you can dram carioid graphs (look slightly like hearts) along with your circles, and other such happenings. You must remember however to have your graphing calculator set to Radians to attempt this. I have meantioned to some of you in the past week about the working bussiness I am in. As you may recall last week I mentioned my Job at the Cheney Hangout (working with kids aged 9-13 in an after school program) had finally found a home on campus, that we were possibly going to be up and running this past week. I regret to inform you that this is not the case. We were shut out of the room that we had looked at and not allowed to use it due to another program using it. We (Nikki and Krista my coworkers) were sent to look at other classrooms that were available in the building on Tuesday to see if they would work for our needs. We settled on a couple of them and gave the list to our boss of our top three choices. We are able to use our top choice, right now we are just waiting on the “GO” from our boss as legal loopholes and such are figured out and all set in place. So my job has ground to a hault at the moment. I will let you all know of course when we are able to get up and running again. Soon everyone is hoping. Some of you know that I applied for a book scholarship back in January called the Florence and Earle Stewart Book Scholarship. This scholarship allows you to add books to your personal library that are not schoolbooks. This quarter (as I plan on filling the scholarship out every quarter from here on out) I applied to get a new set of The Chronicles of Narnia so that I may return the set I have here to my home, which is really my mom’s set I believe. I also applied for the C.S. Lewis Signature Classic series. The latter set includes Mere Christianity, A Grief Observed, The Problem of Pain, The Screwtape Letters, Miracles, and The Great Divorce. I have ordered them both and am having them sent to me here at the school. I will then take my reciept to the Book Scholarship Office and will be reimbursed shortly thereafter. I think it is a great oppourtunity. I have recently found a new on campus ministry called Campus Crusaders for Christ (CRU for short) and absolutely loved it. It is a big group that packs one of the auditoriums on campus, but is much like Quest Youth Groups at home. I really enjoyed this past week and do plan on going back! I have also told Brandon Bailey that I will be going to the Quest Snow Retreat this weekend and cannot wait to see many of you there! Visit me at to also see a picture of what the snow looked like at its peak over here! I love you all and miss you too! Brandon


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