Field trips, Work Perhaps?, and A missed oppourtunity

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Mia and me on our field trip to the School House!

Mia and me on our field trip to the School House!

Hey everyone!
I am finally on time this week with my updates the past few have been a little late sending them out on Sunday Morning instead of Saturday, for that I am sorry. This week has been a little more eventful and is filled with some interesting stories that I am sure most of you are dying to hear!
School is going well. Classes continue to chug along and this coming week I have two midterms for one of my classes. How can this be? Well, for my Geology class the midterms are online. We get a new midterm for every two chapters that are covered. We just happened to cover four chapters this past week placing us in a threshold of two midterms. I will start taking them today and will finish them sometime in the next week (they are 20 questions and you can take them as many times as you want as long as they are up online). Math continues to go well, with the same identifying of trig equations, solving them, and using the different identities to get through them. Chicano Studies continues to be a slow moving class, but is still very interesting. I got the midterm back for that class and missed one question, but have noway of knowing the correct answer, as it was on scantron and did not get the actual test back.

Education was also really exciting this past week. We read about the history of education and took our three hour class to take a small field trip across the walkway from the building I was in and found ourselves in the one room school house here on campus. We entered just as they did lining up boys on one side girls on another. The girls entered first covering up their pretty school and Sunday morning dresses with a blouse like clothe that covered the front and tied in the back. Then the boys followed revoing their caps and putting on a vest like cloth. We continued in and sat down in the chairs that ranged in sizes for those in 1st-8th grade. On this particular day we learned how school was taught back then, not just by listening to a boring lecture, but actually by taking part in a shortened version. We each were given a grade to be in (3rd 4th or 8th) and called up to either read (3rd or 4th) or take part in a spelling bee (8th). I was in the spelling bee, I did okay getting a few words right, let us just say I can spell better when I can see the word written down. In the meantime while we were just sitting in the classroom, we were given some penmenship practice and some math practice to work on throughout the day as we listened to lessons. We also had an indoor recess where we played “Hide the Thimble” We had one girl take a while to find it. We hid it quite well on the telephone that was brass along with the thimble setting it on the top making it look just as it were apart of the phone. The second guy found his quite quickly when we put it on top of a small flag on the teachers desk. This was most of our field trip I will see if I can get a picture of my friend Mia and I into this email or on my blog of the day, she took a few pictures and uploaded them online (I really do need a camera).

The snow fell a little bit yesteday again. Nothing too heavy or sticky it was a little too warm for it to stick so the rain that also fell didn’t allow the ground to keep it. Other than that the weather has just been quite chilly. It is now certain that I will be home on the weekend of the 20th through the 22nd. I will give the Bodmer’s a call as soon as I know for certain they are back from their trip (anyone know?? Teri? Linda? Stephanie? Taner or Heather?).

Ah the best subject of the day! Work! You have probably come to expect the same news about my work being closed due to the snowstorm that occurred in December, and I can assure you the building that I was in is now in pieces partially demolished, I will not be in their anytime soon. I can assure you however that for the rest of this quarter I will be working in a building here on campus with kids! I know, it is very exciting! We actually had one kid yesterday while a Children’s Studies meeting was being held and it was so much fun! He likes to talk a lot and ran our ears full of questions and “I’ve missed you guys” of course we missed him too. I have been so tired of not working that it was great to hang out with him. He is one of my favorites at the Hangout and also the son of my geography teacher last quarter! Which makes it even better because she’s been my favorite college professor so far.

This is a rather long update today! I told you lots has happened. Those of you who are curious about my reading since we last spoke I read Tuesdays with Morrie and have started The Inferno. I have not been feeling too well the past couple of days so I havent quite gotten knee deep in the book yet, but I hope to do so soon.

I guess a little dissapointment here and there comes along and this week I was dissapointed on Thursday after my geology lab. It was a quick lab this week which was good, because I really wanted to go hear Rachel Toole speak about her book that she wrote. “My Love Affair With Running” the seminar was on the opposite end of campus so I rushed over after my lab. I reached the doors of the building only to find a note saying that the seminar was cancelled. I was upset and am hoping that she is rescheduled!

Anyways that is all for this week, I will post the picture to my blog so if you would like to see it please go check it out at :

Love and Miss you all


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