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Excitement, Lonliness, and a bit of a surprise!

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Hey all well it is that time again! What a week it has been! I hope that all of you had as wonderful a week as I have had! The trip home was wonderful! It was such a busy weekend or Saturday at least as Friday and Sunday consisted of mainly driving. If you know me at all you know I value my sleep very much and I will let you know that my earliest time to bed last weekend was midnight! It was good seeing all of you though so the loss of sleep was well worth the time spent with you! It has been crazy Monday I woke up and got ready for another week of math lessons as we moved through hyperbolas and then worked on shifting everything we had learned in the past week and a half (parabolas, hyperbolas, and ellipses) we had our test on all of this material alongside the vector work and such yesterday. I feel as though I did fairly well with it, there was one question that I am not sure how I did, I got a few points for sketching the graphs correctly, but I am not sure how she wanted the rest of the information, it was a very open ended question, we were to sketch the three graphs then describe their characteristics. I will let you all know next week how I did. The rest of my classes are going fairly well. I had a lab on geological time this past week, which went fairly well I believe. We had a pop quiz on a movie that we watched on Wednesday on tsunami’s specifically the one that happened a few years back in the Indian Ocean near Sumatra. Chicano Studies found a paper due, which I wrote on the Virgin of Guadalupe. In education we got our midterms back I got a 22 out of 25 on it which was the average scoring for the class. I have now signed up for my spring quarter classes. I am so looking forward to next quarter! I signed up for certain classes on Thursday that I am no longer enrolled in due to many different things let me explain. My main class that I wanted to get into is the Global View through Children’s Literature class that is offered only spring quarter here at Eastern. I had already planned on taking it, and had from my boss, Sue, been told it is a great class to take. I went to sign up on Thursday morning to find only two spots open in the class, my computer began being extremely slow. As soon as Cj signed up for classes he switched to my name and we signed up for it! Whew that was close, I was able to get in and take one of the last two spots. I also had him sign up for my first Calculus class for me, English 201, our Racqetball class, and a Swing Dancing class that I will be taking with Cj, Lacy, Krista, and Nikki (the last two I work with). It will be extremely fun and I cannot wait! I had been thinking though that I only had 17 credits, which is not a terrible thing to have 18 is the most that I can take. I did however wish to take 18. I logged back in today and dropped my English 201 class and signed up for another Gecker that I need to take English 170. This moved my schedule around just enough so that I could sqeeze into a third PE class Bloomsday Conditioning! Which of course I am extremely excited for and am pulling out another 18 credit quarter! I am so EXCITED!!! There are not many terribly exciting things that are going on here. Cj and Lacy took off for Everson this weekend on a whim yesterday when Tina Cj’s sister called and asked if he wanted to go home this weekend to surprise his parents. So they took off and saw them. So I sit here typing this to you looking out a wonderfully blue and orange sky as the sun comes up in a gorgeous sunrise lighting up the campus. I believe I will watch the movie Stand and Deliver about a teacher in a southern California school who finds himself teaching a group of mainly Hispanic students who are at a remedial level for their math courses, and takes many of them to a 4’s or 5’s on the AP Calculus test. I am supposed to watch a movie that deals with teaching and and write a paper a couple of pages in length about the statement that is being made through it for my education class. I figured this would be a great movie to write about because it deals with the subject that I plan to teach, and also I really like the movie having watched it a couple of times throughout high school. For those of you who are wondering where my reading section went last week I did not finish a book in the week. I actually had started Barack Obama’s Dreams from my father getting partyway through. I have actually set it aside because when I went home I visited my Aunt Linda and got some books from her 4 to be exact and started reading those on the way home. I finished The Five People You Meet In Heaven on Wednesday night when I couldn’t sleep (I got 6 hours that night compared to the 11 the night before), and I finished The Christmas Sweater last night. Both are fantastic reads and rather quick ones. I checked out a book by Anne Rice Christ is Lord Road to Cana yesterday from the library on campus, I started it and got a few pages into it before I nodded off for another 8 hours of sleep! I save what I believe the best news for last. As you all know from my countless emails this quarter (okay only 8 now) I have been out of work because of a collapsed roof due to the snow. The sad thing has been the kids without a place to go, and the other countless organizations that have been misplaced and shut down that were in the Wren Pierson Building. We at the Cheney Hangout have been working tirelessly throughout the quarter to find a new place to set up if only temporarily for the rest of the quarter or even school year. We have had places that were perfect for us fall through. We have also had places that are perfect for us as a permanent location until the Wren Pierson Building is rebuilt that have just not gotten back to us. We continue to try and find a permanent place for us to reside. We will be opening in a temporary location on campus for at least the rest of the quarter and hopefully the school year, in a building on campus. The only downfall to this is that we must set up and tear down everything each day. We do not have many of the video games that we used to have as they are lost in a storage unit that is hardly navigable. We do however have some very creative staff (I can be considered slightly creative at times) and have come up with multiple different ideas that are going to get us through this time. We continue to work to find a new more permanent place to move into this summer and next year. Until then the Cheney Hangout is back open and I will be working every day again! I hope that last bit was good news to leave you all with as I head out into my day to begin an adventure! I love you all and miss you dearly looking forward to the time when we meet again, Brandon


Not much to say, but a travel home

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Hey All! I know that it is Friday and this is a day or two earlier than I normally send it out to you, but that is because I am heading home this weekend! This week was a short one with the holiday on Monday, but a terribly long one due to a sickness that still persists to this moment. I have been taking Nyquil and dropping off earlier than I normally do (ya I’ve been asleep earlier than 9:30 this week). Although a short week it has been slightly eventful. I had an uneventful weekend with Cj gone along with everyone else on our floor, but did keep the company of Anna on Saturday and Sunday which was quite fun! School has been going along at its usual pace. I had a midterm on Tuesday in my Education class which I believe went well, I may have missed a few in the matching of people, but overall I expect to have done well on it. This coming week we will be attending a seminar in honor of Black History Month and the topic of the week teaching exceptional learners! Anyways education continues to make Tuesdays long and battling a sickness and sitting in class for 3 hours was not a very fun experience. Chicano Studies has no more new activities yes, we do have a paper due this next week on any topic in the Mexican American Culture that I will probably write a rough draft for on the car ride home this weekend. Geology has been pretty good with two midterms this past weekend and one that is up at the moment, learning about streams and groundwater of late. Math continues to be my favorite subject easily, as we move into Vectors and the components of them (much like my class with you Mr. Rohde) and just starting to move into parabolas and finding their equations using the focus point, directix, and focal diameter (tomorrow I think we cover elipses). Work is at a standstill as we speak. I worked for a little bit yesterday setting up the phone tree that will call the elementary schools and families to let them know we are back open, when we open back up. At this moment I have no new information for you about when we will be open, just that we are waiting for legal matters to be finalized so we can move to the classroom we are supposed to have. For those of you wondering about my book scholarship I recieved The Chronicles of Narnia today and await the C.S. Lewis Signature Classics which should be here soon, I had to reorder them today so they are supposed to ship out on Monday, to arrive in a couple of weeks. Other than that not much has been going on, we have been plauged with no racquetball because of my sickness, and will probably not play until next week. I look forward to seeing some of you this weekend and others of you when I come home again! Love and miss you! Brandon

A continued job loss, and a book scholarship

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EWU Snow

EWU Snow

Good Morning Everyone! It is that time of week again, where you all get to sit back and read a little bit about what has happened in the ever exciting life of Brandon Nobach. Now I know this can be overbearing at times, so I ask everyone to keep their arms, hands, legs, feet, and any other ligaments safely inside the vehicle at all times to prevent any dangerous happenings from well, happening. This week was a blur as they continue to be every week, I really wish I knew how to slow time down to enjoy each day as it happens instead of rushing through it, especially Tuesdays. This past week was (I believe) considered our midterm week. Although I only had one test this past week which I got a B- on I do not feel as though it was a stressful week. I have a midterm next week for my Education class that I believe will be a good test. I continue to dread Tuesdays for their length but look forward to them because it offers my the hardest day of the week early on and makes the rest of the week a downhill roll. My classes continue to go well. My lab for geology this past week consisted of Metamorphic Rocks which my lab partner Lisa and I thought was the easiest one for us to do thus far and feel really good about it. Chicano Studies continues to struggle to find a place in my heart that has any interest to me. I do really enjoy learning about the culture of Mexican Americans living in America, but I just cannot get into the class, but I diligently continue to go to class and pay attention to take something from it. Math is continuing to surprise me in how much I already know. We have started on Polar Equations and Rectangular Equations, things that I was taught in Junior year in Core 4 by Mr. Rohde. The only thing that I am working on at the moment in math that I haven’t seen before are the graphs of the Polar Equations which are so fantastic. You have your floral graphs (dubbed #-leaved Rose) and you can dram carioid graphs (look slightly like hearts) along with your circles, and other such happenings. You must remember however to have your graphing calculator set to Radians to attempt this. I have meantioned to some of you in the past week about the working bussiness I am in. As you may recall last week I mentioned my Job at the Cheney Hangout (working with kids aged 9-13 in an after school program) had finally found a home on campus, that we were possibly going to be up and running this past week. I regret to inform you that this is not the case. We were shut out of the room that we had looked at and not allowed to use it due to another program using it. We (Nikki and Krista my coworkers) were sent to look at other classrooms that were available in the building on Tuesday to see if they would work for our needs. We settled on a couple of them and gave the list to our boss of our top three choices. We are able to use our top choice, right now we are just waiting on the “GO” from our boss as legal loopholes and such are figured out and all set in place. So my job has ground to a hault at the moment. I will let you all know of course when we are able to get up and running again. Soon everyone is hoping. Some of you know that I applied for a book scholarship back in January called the Florence and Earle Stewart Book Scholarship. This scholarship allows you to add books to your personal library that are not schoolbooks. This quarter (as I plan on filling the scholarship out every quarter from here on out) I applied to get a new set of The Chronicles of Narnia so that I may return the set I have here to my home, which is really my mom’s set I believe. I also applied for the C.S. Lewis Signature Classic series. The latter set includes Mere Christianity, A Grief Observed, The Problem of Pain, The Screwtape Letters, Miracles, and The Great Divorce. I have ordered them both and am having them sent to me here at the school. I will then take my reciept to the Book Scholarship Office and will be reimbursed shortly thereafter. I think it is a great oppourtunity. I have recently found a new on campus ministry called Campus Crusaders for Christ (CRU for short) and absolutely loved it. It is a big group that packs one of the auditoriums on campus, but is much like Quest Youth Groups at home. I really enjoyed this past week and do plan on going back! I have also told Brandon Bailey that I will be going to the Quest Snow Retreat this weekend and cannot wait to see many of you there! Visit me at to also see a picture of what the snow looked like at its peak over here! I love you all and miss you too! Brandon

Field trips, Work Perhaps?, and A missed oppourtunity

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Mia and me on our field trip to the School House!

Mia and me on our field trip to the School House!

Hey everyone!
I am finally on time this week with my updates the past few have been a little late sending them out on Sunday Morning instead of Saturday, for that I am sorry. This week has been a little more eventful and is filled with some interesting stories that I am sure most of you are dying to hear!
School is going well. Classes continue to chug along and this coming week I have two midterms for one of my classes. How can this be? Well, for my Geology class the midterms are online. We get a new midterm for every two chapters that are covered. We just happened to cover four chapters this past week placing us in a threshold of two midterms. I will start taking them today and will finish them sometime in the next week (they are 20 questions and you can take them as many times as you want as long as they are up online). Math continues to go well, with the same identifying of trig equations, solving them, and using the different identities to get through them. Chicano Studies continues to be a slow moving class, but is still very interesting. I got the midterm back for that class and missed one question, but have noway of knowing the correct answer, as it was on scantron and did not get the actual test back.

Education was also really exciting this past week. We read about the history of education and took our three hour class to take a small field trip across the walkway from the building I was in and found ourselves in the one room school house here on campus. We entered just as they did lining up boys on one side girls on another. The girls entered first covering up their pretty school and Sunday morning dresses with a blouse like clothe that covered the front and tied in the back. Then the boys followed revoing their caps and putting on a vest like cloth. We continued in and sat down in the chairs that ranged in sizes for those in 1st-8th grade. On this particular day we learned how school was taught back then, not just by listening to a boring lecture, but actually by taking part in a shortened version. We each were given a grade to be in (3rd 4th or 8th) and called up to either read (3rd or 4th) or take part in a spelling bee (8th). I was in the spelling bee, I did okay getting a few words right, let us just say I can spell better when I can see the word written down. In the meantime while we were just sitting in the classroom, we were given some penmenship practice and some math practice to work on throughout the day as we listened to lessons. We also had an indoor recess where we played “Hide the Thimble” We had one girl take a while to find it. We hid it quite well on the telephone that was brass along with the thimble setting it on the top making it look just as it were apart of the phone. The second guy found his quite quickly when we put it on top of a small flag on the teachers desk. This was most of our field trip I will see if I can get a picture of my friend Mia and I into this email or on my blog of the day, she took a few pictures and uploaded them online (I really do need a camera).

The snow fell a little bit yesteday again. Nothing too heavy or sticky it was a little too warm for it to stick so the rain that also fell didn’t allow the ground to keep it. Other than that the weather has just been quite chilly. It is now certain that I will be home on the weekend of the 20th through the 22nd. I will give the Bodmer’s a call as soon as I know for certain they are back from their trip (anyone know?? Teri? Linda? Stephanie? Taner or Heather?).

Ah the best subject of the day! Work! You have probably come to expect the same news about my work being closed due to the snowstorm that occurred in December, and I can assure you the building that I was in is now in pieces partially demolished, I will not be in their anytime soon. I can assure you however that for the rest of this quarter I will be working in a building here on campus with kids! I know, it is very exciting! We actually had one kid yesterday while a Children’s Studies meeting was being held and it was so much fun! He likes to talk a lot and ran our ears full of questions and “I’ve missed you guys” of course we missed him too. I have been so tired of not working that it was great to hang out with him. He is one of my favorites at the Hangout and also the son of my geography teacher last quarter! Which makes it even better because she’s been my favorite college professor so far.

This is a rather long update today! I told you lots has happened. Those of you who are curious about my reading since we last spoke I read Tuesdays with Morrie and have started The Inferno. I have not been feeling too well the past couple of days so I havent quite gotten knee deep in the book yet, but I hope to do so soon.

I guess a little dissapointment here and there comes along and this week I was dissapointed on Thursday after my geology lab. It was a quick lab this week which was good, because I really wanted to go hear Rachel Toole speak about her book that she wrote. “My Love Affair With Running” the seminar was on the opposite end of campus so I rushed over after my lab. I reached the doors of the building only to find a note saying that the seminar was cancelled. I was upset and am hoping that she is rescheduled!

Anyways that is all for this week, I will post the picture to my blog so if you would like to see it please go check it out at :

Love and Miss you all

Cold Weather With a little Character

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Hey all! It is that time of week! It is time for me to tell you all about the week that has just passed and look forward to what may be taking place in the week ahead on the Eastern Campus. This week has been again as uneventful as the last with not much that was terribly exciting happening here in the blithering cold that seems to surround me day in day out now, although it is something that a persons body easily acclimates to. The temperatures this weekend have been the weekend have been the warmest it has been with the temperatures rising into the high 20’s and low 30’s! Otherwise it is rare that we reach higher than 20 degrees, with the temperature when I leave the dorms being close the negative. There is very little snow here anymore, the more dangerous substance being the black ice that hides cleverly around campus to trip up the unexpecting college student as the hurry between classes. I have only had one instance where I have fallen, this was a time when I was at work walking down the main street of Cheney a few weeks back collecting the fliers for our woebegone Cheney Hangout. Thus, your curiousities are peaked with interest towards what is going on with my work. As of this moment we do not have any plans for a new place or building. My bosses are working on the middle school in town, which is about a mile and a half away. We haven’t had much to do these past few weeks so we all do our best with what work we can do. I have made a new flier for us to put up once we are up and running again. We took all of our expirience with community service to hopefully start our kids thinking about working with the community. We went to the local Care Center much like Windsor Square in Marysville, and asked if we we could make Valentine’s Cards and Cookies for them (of course we could) with the hopes fo being open before then! So hopefully we are going to make it by then! If not we will save our craftiness for another holiday. I have continued of course to love my math class as we jumped whole heartedly into our new section of proving and verifying trigonometric equations. Which of course, I was never terribly good at when I did them in high school, but have decided that I rather like the challenge of figuring out how to figure them out with gusto! I had my midterm for Chicano Studies which was 20 questions long and straight from the study guide. I know without a doubt that I got all 20 right in a matter of minuetes as I left the auditorium 9 minutes later. I am writing my first paper in this winter quarter for my education class about the problems and solutions to funding American schools. And Geology has continued to go well with my second midterm being another 20/20 (with 35 attempts tried to get all of the questions mastered)! I continue to devour books as they come across my lap finishing Marley and Me in the last week and a half. I have finished 5 books since the quarter started and 7 books since Christmas the only Narnia book that I did not finish was The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe which I have read previously and can read now if I choose to, although I have a few other books on my list of things to read, but I urge (more plead) you to send me books that you find intriguing reads. Nicknaks and such that I have encountered are I won a large pizza from the Roost, the most expensive dining place on campus, this past week. Cj had just earlier bought a 7 inch personal pizza earlier in the day for 10 dollars or so. I guess I was selected from a survey I completed to be a winner of a Roost Pizza! Fine be me we look forward to eating it one of these days before the month is out! I have also filled out the scholarship form and have recieved a couple of glowing letters of reccommendation to turn in tomorrow for the Eastern Scholarships. I also turned in a Book Scholarship Application to obtain a few books to add to my personal library if I win the money, I am looking to get the C.S. Lewis Signature Classics (Miracles, The Great Divorce, A Grief Observed, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, and The Problem of Pain) to read. Other than that all continues to go well in the tiny town of Cheney. I look forward to seeing some of you the next time I am in town, which could be as early as the 20th (Bodmers I will call and let you know for sure, but if I am not mistaken you are in the Bahama’s at the moment????) Anyways I will be off check out my blog to reread this email and well any that I have sent out since October or so! I love you all!! Brandon