A test, No work, and a birthday wish‏

In Uncategorized on January 25, 2009 at 5:12 pm

Hey All!
Another week has come and gone, it all seems to pass so quickly, sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everything that is going on around campus.

I am sitting here now looking out the window at what was supposed to be a snowy morning, but the weather people have been wrong all week on everything except the temperatures. It is pretty cold here, and with the ability to see the sun, I am betting really cold out this morning.
Of course even though there is no snow on the ground or rooftops anymore (well except for the gigantic piles that have been made) I am still out of a facility to work in. We are continuing to do what we can and make off with what we have. We have yet to have a day with kids, I do not remember if I mentioned we came close to having three kids during a staff meeting, but all three were not there, so it was just the three of us workers, we played with some blocks and built some things, also coming up with some new ideas that hopefully we will be able to implement by the time we get into a building, classroom, or really in general an area. We have two options at the moment that we are looking at, one is in Cheney Middle School, looking to use their home ec room which is an open space and would be great for some of the things we have planned. The other is into the place we outgrew, which I believe I have told you about before, but we would move into a place next to where we were. I will continue to keep you all updated on my line of work!!

School, is still going along quite well. I had my first Math test on Friday which went pretty well. Thinking back, I believe I missed one or two, the arccsc(-2) it was one that I didn’t believe was able to do given the constraints then, ran into troubles, when I found it was possible, so I was torn between two choices that made me second guess my first answer and I wrote down 2(pi)/3(that whole section there is for you math teachers on my list). My geology class is going fairly well, with the second midterm and lab this past week (the midterms are online and retakeable as many times as you want). The lab for myself was quite hard as it was to do with minerals and you had to be fairly efficient in the color of the sample at hand to guess which mineral it was, I did have a partner however that helped quite nicely where my eyes failed me. Chicano studies continues to be an interesting class, and my Education class continues to make Tuesdays long, but fun indeed!

Cj and I still continue our adventures of Racquetball together, and are quite good, so if any of you wants to play when we go home, I myself am more than willing, and if he is with me, or I with him, we would play easily.

The homework load is definitely up this quarter which is a good thing, it keeps me busy and going leaving little room for slacking off (because you all know that I do that quite often  haha). I know it is kind of short today, but nothing terribly exciting happened here other than me just being Brandon.
Have a wonderful week! Until we mee again!

Brandon (check it out!!)
Happy Birthday Dad


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