Two Blogs this week!

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2009 at 5:16 pm

Hey all! Another week has come and gone in the life of Brandon the Adventurer! I hope all of you are doing well and are ready to hear about the craziness of Brandon’s last week (okay it isn’t that crazy, but you know)! Anyways off we go!
So classes are still going well! I still fully understand everything that is happening in math with all of the trig functions and relating them to normal degree’s and using them to find linear and angular velocity! All very fascinating stuff! If you know me I am loving math at the moment although some of Cj’s math problems here and there wouldn’t hurt (he is an elementary math (to be able to teach it) so his problems are quite simple) but the calculus and all is quite fine by me! My other classes are still going well Geology saw it’s first lab this past week looking at Topo maps and being able to navigate your way around them, and also trying to create your own image of the big island of Hawaii (I drew a picture of where Ben is yay!) from the topo map that we were using. I find Chicano studies a bit dull because the professor doesn’t seem to enjoy teaching, but all the same it is not too terrible. My last class of intro to education is still going quite well, I do not remember the class Tuesday extremely well, it was a lot of information with a bunch of disscussion and to recall it all now in the limited time I am sitting here typing this out to you would take a bit of time, and well, I would love to sit here for hours but the precalc book is calling my name! The intro to ed class is going well though to ease all your worries!
My superphone is still chugging along for all of those who wonder about it.
I have almost finished the Chronicles of Narnia, my latest reading expirience. It is refreshing to read each day and pull me back into reading as I used to when I was younger, having not had much choice over the past few years as to what I read for school. Being able to choose books to read the past two quarters has been quite fun and very fullfilling. I am not far into the Last Battle, but I will finish early this week. After this series I am probably going to start Marley and me, but any suggestions after that I would love to hear!
Work the subject of the week! I have been working slightly, although not with the kids, with my coworkers trying to get everything organized. It has been confirmed that our building will be demolished, and will take up to 18 months to finish rebuilding. We are looking at other possibilities on campus to work in, a few classrooms and a place we used to be in (before my time) that would work for us. I will continue to keep you updated with any information that I get each week!
As far as big adventures go, Tina(Cj’s amazing sister) and Anna (one of my many amazing best friends) came and visited this weekend! Saturday we ended up in Spokane most of the day walking around a couple of malls and the park downtown. I bought a few movies from Circuit City that was going out of business. There is not too much to tell from the trip other than a few spots of echoing bridges and a big red wagon that was fun to climb on.
Anyways I am off! I have posted two blogs to the blog this week (as far as pictures of campus and the snow (which is pretty melted)) I will try and work on those for everyone in the coming weeks!
Love and miss you all!


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