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Well hello all my good friends! It is finally the weekend after a very eventful week! My first week back at college has brought me a full store of stories and the meeting of a great many new people! It will be good for you to read something longer than a few paragraphs on getting back or losing my phone or even finding my phone.

After getting here on Sunday we did not have too eventful a day just a little dinner and resettling and catching up with Cj. Most of our other friends came around later in the evening or the next day as we had school cancelled for last Monday.
Monday brought us a very interesting day as we tried to figure out what to do with out day off. A breakfast with our friend Heidi and a look around at our books and classes was all we could do for the morning hours as the college was more or less shut down. Of course the college was covered in snow and crews worked long and hard to clear as much of the snow as could be gotten rid of for school the next morning. We found ourselves venturing to play our new favorite pastime, racquetball. Cj equipped with some new goggles that he can actually see out of and myself with my old sports glasses that will not hurt my nose as they are actually prescription and there is no need to wear my real glasses under them made the games much better.

Tuesday was a great day and actually brings us to more a format that many of you are I am sure you are all wondering what happened in the form of school, work, and just random adventures that you all know I love to have. Tuesday was probably a good day to start off with as it is definitely my craziest day too, especially if I have to work (more on that situation in a bit). I start my day off as usual with a 6 a.m. rising, but this time I am not alone in my room as Cj also has an 8 am class that he must get up for whereas compared to last quarter he had a 9 am class and could afford an extra hour or so of sleep and skip breakfast with me for his own. I still of course have my favorite breakfast buddy Heidi to eat with and with Cj along it makes it that much better! Anyways more about the rest of the day! My first class is Math 106, or precalc 2. Skipping right past precalc one I am finally diving into my major and am finding that my time at Marysville is well spent with the Unit Circle coming along with the Trig functions that were dutifully pounded into me all of my years at Marysville. I also have noticed that I have my first female math teacher (this is not a bad thing just a different way of approaching math) since 3rd grade when I had Mrs. Lucas. Of course I loved all of my male math teachers through the end of elementary school up through high school, for they are the ones that gave me my passion to become a math teacher along side them. Moving forward an hour in my day you will find me in the science building for Geology, which turns out to be very interesting and I look forward to the rest of the class I met a woman named Lisa the other day and look forward to her becomign a good friend and hopefully a lab partner as the class progresses. I find myself at a break and back in my room with Cj after the class ends and eat lunch on Tuesdays at this time (it will become apparant why). I then make my way to the JFK Library Auditorium and find myself studying the origins of the broad Chicano/Latino cultures in America and their struggle for the same freedoms that many Americans find themselves having today, because we truly are a melting pot of many different origins. Tuesdays find me also having a class at noon and this is the only day I have this class. Education 201 Introduction to Education. I have made a few friends in this class already and with only having it one day the entire class I am sure will be closely knit afterwards. We have this class from noon to 3 every Tuesday and this then rounds out a second 18 credit quarter for me as I continue to make my way forward through college.

Tuesdays would usually find me a little late for my job which I normaly start at 3 but as you may have heard I am not working this week. The building in which I work has a collapsing roof. I have actually obtained 5 hours of work this past week as we met for meetings and trying to figure out what we will do until we can get the Wren Pierson Parks and Rec building situation all figured out, which will take months not weeks or days. Our building is actually a “Total Loss” as the local paper put it. I have learned a bit of history about our location. The building which has two stories had the first story built in 1935 on a small hill the second story was built 5 years later and this is the story in which I work. The damage is that one of the support beams had cracked which led to the foundation cracking. They are worried that the building will collapse and has been surrounded with a couple of block radius that you cannot get to. All of our materials and equipment was put into storage and we have been working with our small band of workers to find a new place to continue working, whether that be in the Fischer Building not far from campus, a local church, or even a classroom here on campus. I will continue to keep you updated on my postion, I am still on the payroll for the Hangout as of this moment.

That leaves us with really the only story left to tell, and that is the full story of the Super Phone. As many of you know I lost my phone earlier this week Monday to be exact around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Cj and his girlfriend, Lacy, and myself walked down to the Tree of Knowledge where I buy my books for school. I actually had talked to my mom on it as we were walking down and crossing the street to the store. I walked into the store looking for a few books but not knowing my exact classes so I walked out without purchasing anybooks and coming back the next day after class to get the realy books I would need. Our band of three wanted to see if we could see the building in which I work (which we knew would be a little hard because of the street closures and the buildings that surrounded it. We tried anyways walking up the street to Bank of America crossing the street again to get to the side of First Street we wished to be on. Of course myself knowing the streets I work on led the way down to the puclic library slipping on the ice a little here and there but never falling or stooping low at all. I cut through the parking lot with my friends in tow and up another road. This road found the sidewalks more covered with the snow than we had been walking on before. Cj had taken to throwing snowballs at me but at this moment decided to try and tackle me into the snow bank. I took off over it being much better in the snow than he is and cleared the bank with ease and into the road and across quickly. We continued along our way making our way back up to the college. Halfway up I noticed I had lost my phone. We called it standing still thinking maybe I just couldn’t feel it, there was no ringing coming from anywhere. I searched my bag and I searched my pockets as we walked back down the way we came calling it all the while. We got to our most likely spot (where cj had chased me) and stopped and called it not seeing it in a hole in the snow or anything, not being able to hear it, we continued back to the bookstore to ask if someone had turned a phone in, of course noone had so we gave our thanks, and continued back up the way we had already covered in hopes of finding it again. Continuing to call it we walked up the same routes, again with no luck. After a solemn call to my dad telling him I lost my phone, and that there was probably little hope of finding it he said that there was little to do he would like us to continue calling it that day and the next and to give him a call the next day. So we followed his suggestions. The next day brought us no more avail and we walked to the bookstore and took the same roads backwards to get there and found the streets being plowed which sunk our hearts more as we knew there was little hope of us finding it now maybe crushed once the snow melted. We tried again though and continued calling it. It still rang all through Wednesday and into Thursday giving us slight hope that maybe it was not in the snow. Kylie wanted to go to the bank and I myself had to go to the bank and deposit a check so we decided to give it one more go walking straight to the bank and then to my bank and up the roads we took a few days prior. The snow had begun to melt with some rain and such there was great hope as it continued to ring. We stopped by the bookstore as well to ask if it had been turned in, no luck. With Kylie’s expert advice we stopped in at the library and asked if it had been found in the parking lot, no such luck again. We thanked them and continued up the roads coming to the spot where Cj had chased me down a bit, and with all the luck that had not come our way there lay my phone on the top of the snow, with 33 missed calls and a little battery left to make a call to my dad and mom. The super phone was born and as such has been working ever since.

I know a well told story and a very happy end. I will continue of course week after week as you are all accousomed to being told about my week to email you.
I love and miss you all,



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