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Dead Week

In Uncategorized on December 6, 2008 at 4:24 am

Hey All!
It has been quite some time since you got a full update from me! Rest assured that I am well, alive, and running around like I always do!
This week has been the most stressful week of all my weeks here at Eastern so far! So much for the so called “dead week” that happens at college, where it is said that you should expect lots of studying and reviews for the finals that should take place the week after the so called “dead week.” I took this week on full charge from the moment I got back to Eastern last Sunday from the Thanksgiving Holiday! Quite sore from the Turkey Bowl the day before, a car ride did not do such miracles to the muscles that were screaming from having not been used in quite some time for football action. I jumped into studying for a map quiz the last one that I believe I got a 9.5 on (haven’t gotten it back yet). Monday came around as I felt the winding down of my classes that would come to an end this week, which were 3 out of the 4.
My Computer Literacy class the first one to wind down to an end, brought the final worth a good chuck of our grade. On the two day test I got 100% of the questions correct, which when coupled with my previous Lit 1 test and class work brought me to a perfect 4.0 out of the class! Which is quite wonderful if I do say so myself.
The second class which isn’t quite finished but is well on its way, is my Life Skills Class. I am done with In class sessions I just have to write about what I learned in the class this weekend and have it to my teacher by Wednesday! I expect a 4.0 out of there as well.
My third class that is coming to an end, is one that I am not sure how I did on my last test or I could tell you my exact grade, Music. As you all know I have been a right good complainer about this class, but it has grown on me as you may have been able to tell. I have gained a plethora of knowledge from this class and believe I did really well on the final test, I will let you all know what my final grade is when I find out myself!
Those three classes are in essence finished. Of course I do have four classes and will write to you next week about my Geography final which I hope to do well on, as I have done well in the class all year long!
I look forward to seeing all of you so soon, it is not near enough! I hope to come and see all of you as much as is possible! I do have a few weeks as you know! I will probably be coming home a week from today and cannot wait!
As far as plans go for that first weekend I look forward to the Jingle Bell Run that we have a great team for!
Work is finishing up for the quarter a week from today as well! We have done plenty of things lately, the continued pizza on Wednesdays was accompanied by a wonderful T-shirt making party this week as we made t shirts with tyedye and puff paints! It has been wonderful! Tomorrow evening I also work from Family Fun Night so that the kids can come and show their parents what they do while they are with us also, it goes along with the wide activities that take place in Cheney Tomorrow! It should be quite the night!
As far as other things go Ryan and I attended Spa Night last night in hopes of getting a free massage but in the two hours we waited there we did not get to get one as the line was terribly long and the list went on and on. I did color a big circle that used up a whole crayon however I was impressed it took a long time to do! I have it if you would like to see it!
Well anyways that is that for this week I will post this on my blog at in a little while otherwise I will be late for class!! See ya!!
Love you and miss you all!