It is almost time!

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2008 at 11:17 pm

Hey all!

We are quickly coming upon the holiday season and that means more breaks and more of my wonderful face being around town! I know you all miss it dearly! This past week has gone by terribly fast and has been such a blur!

We sit now with only 12 weekdays left in the quarter, and only 8 days in the classroom for those classes that are 5 days a week. I sit here knowing full well that I am doing quite well in all of my classes. I only have two finals the week of finals, but will have to work through Friday. Cj will be leaving early in the week once he has completed his courses and will take off for the Bahamas lucky him!

However I get to come back to Marysville and see all of you, the people I miss dearly, and the people who I am sure are wondering what this last week had in store for me.

Class wise I had two tests. I had my geography test on North Africa, which I got 9.5 on missing a question about the Sahel, the lush strip of greenery that runs east to west along the bottom of the Sahara. On my music test I missed 7, which is no worse than I have done all year so I enjoyed it. I had a quiz in class on Friday so I suppose that makes three tests this past week, for my computer class. I do not know how I did on that test yet.

As far as work goes, I am spending much more time there, to get the hours in that I have not yet gotten. I am working 3.5 hours now, sitting in the parks and rec department for an extra hour reading or studying, all good things. Work is still going well, we have lost most of our volunteers due to their completing their volunteer hours for the class they were taking. So things have settled down to how they were at the beginning of the year. We have thought up a program for tyedying tshirts. We will be doing that the week after Thanksgiving! It should be very exciting!

Next quarter is looming, and the freshmen will sign up on Monday and Tuesday for classes. After meeting with Kathy, I have figured out what I need as far as my Gecr’s are concerned and have decided on the classes I will be taking for the rest of the year and into next. For next quarter I will finally dive into the math programs here, and will sign up for Math 106 which is a precalc 2 class. Taking that at 8 am, I follow it with a 9 am class which is Geology, and willl Monday through Thursday with a lab on Friday. Followed by a break for lunch, and I will take a Chicano Studies class at 11 am. That takes care of 15 credits, leaving me with 3 more to fill if I wanted to, which I did! I filled it with an Intro to Education class that is on Tuesdays from 12-250.

Cj and I competed on Thursday evening in the Roomlywed Games, much like the hit tv game show the newlywed games. We happened to dominate, because well we know too much about each other.

This coming week brings three tests, and a much needed break! I hope to see you all very very soon!!
Love and Miss you all!

  1. Thanks for all of your regular updated Brandon. Are you going to begin including some pictures soon? I know… one more thing. It’s always one more thing. I just want to see what all that snow looks like!

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