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Hey all!
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A little late I am sorry about that, the time just flies by when you sleep all day! Which is exactly what I did yesterday. This past week I have not felt all that great and yesterday just happened to be a great day to catch up on sleep. As far as sleep goes, I had been having a little trouble sleeping earlier this week, but have fallen back into my hard cut ways of early sleep and waking up early.
The rest of the week though was really good! Monday was somewhat a usual day with an obvious lack of students on campus because of the Veteran’s Day holiday on Tuesday everyone saw fit to make it a four day weekend for themselves. With my computer class, Life skills class, and Music class the only classes I have on Monday’s it was a fairly early day for me. This past week not much has happened in the way of tests other than my weekly map quiz on Central America on Wednesday, which I got a ten on! I was excited I thought for sure I would end up with a 9 1/2 because I forgot that the Caribbean Sea was on the East coast of many of the Central American countries, but the good old extra credit point that came in the answer of Cuba saved me!
This coming week brings a new map quiz on the tiny countries of Northern Africa! It should be a very interesting test this week seeing as Africa is probably the area I have the least knowledge of! Also another Music Quiz is this Wednesday which should be very interesting as well, I have continued to do better on the quizzes, so a 49 or even a 50 looks to be what I should get, let’s hope!
Computer Literacy is going well, this past week wasn’t too bad for the class a second web assignment and only one assignment from the book! Which was great!
The Life Skills class I am in, has been having a series of different people come in and talk to us on a multitude of different subjects, nutrition, NCAA regulations (it is a class for athletes). Amoung other subjects. This week we have three more speakers coming into the class.
Work is going well, we haven’t had any more problems with power outages, or floods, or fires or natural disasters like a monster taking over the tiny town of Cheney. Although we are now having meetings to prepare ourselves for these types of disasters! Better to be prepared! We have been watching a lot of movies as the weather has been turning sour, and the lights go out on us earlier, making it harder to play and run outside. We have stayed away from the video games though which has been a relief to all of us, we really want the kids to be doing other things than just playing video games. Every other Tuesday a man named Joe has started coming in with instruments (he has done it for a couple of years now) and teaches the kids how to play. We are also working on getting a computer lab set up so that the power of the internet can help with homework for the kids, or even just the that can help them with their vocabulary skills.
Church is still going well, we continue to go back to the Lutheran church that we found just up the road, we might travel into Spokane one of these weekends to visit the church that Anna Peterson goes to.
Speaking of Anna, we visited Spokane on Tuesday when we had our day off and hung out there, also she came here this weekend to hang out with us!
Other people that have stopped by have been Cj’s sister Tina and my dad who had breakfast with me this morning!
All is well in my life, again this is up on a blog at

Love you and miss you all!



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