Another Week, Another Power Surge

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Hey Everyone!!


Ah this week has been eventful filled with many different events including tests.

After an eventful weekend at home, visiting with the cross country team on both Friday and Saturday at practice and Districts. Also, visiting with some of my friends on Halloween and Saturday night at the movies. I took a trip back to school with Ryan’s parents and was ready for another week of wonderful schooling!

Everything is still going well, I had two tests on Tuesday, a music one and a Geography one. Music as I have said before is not my favorite class, but I continue to do better each test and with each day, learning so much more than I would have if after the first day I had decided to give in to just sitting back and not paying any attention at all. So as I continue each two weeks with tests getting a 43 (all out of 50) on the first test, a 47 on the second, and a 48 on the most recent, I continue to do well and look forward to doing the same in a week and a half’s time. Geography on the flip side is my favorite class. I have weekly tests, or map quizes, that are on different areas of the world. Learning constantly about different types of Geography (this week is economic geography, hmm do you think recent events have been talked about? Of course!), and how they affect the world and the common patterns found within the levels of the world. This past weeks test was on Eastern Europe and after a couple of weeks in which I found myself with a lower score than I had ended up with (8 1/2 not bad I know) I got a 9 1/2 on this test, which was good, the cities are always the ones that get to me, I can deal with countries, but the cities, different story. This coming weeks test is on Central America, and I have been well prepared for that test for the past three years with my Spanish teachers pounding away at the Spanish speaking countries! Other than that my other classes are continuing well! I have changed academic advisors and have set up a new appointment with Kathy Cook to set forth on next quarters agenda (when I figure stuff out I shall let you all know).

Of course the big question that many of you are wondering is “Did [I] follow the election?” Of course and it was ver exciting to watch the election results come in and all of the stuff that comes along with the elections!

Work is still going well, after the onslaught of volunteers last week things have settled down for the time being, and even though the volunteers are still there they are doing great!

Other events that have taken place, we (being CJ, Ryan and Heidi (a girl who lives a few doors down from us)) took a trip into Spokane for a night out, or I guess away from an already crazy evening. We brought home a rug and some boots for me, because when it gets cold my shoes just aren’t going to cut it.

You may be wondering about an already crazy evening. Well there was a hockey game here last night, and when there is hockey people are excited (we have one of the best hockey teams in the nation) although that is not the source of our crazy night. I had just gotten off of work, a little early to complete my 12 hours a week, and I came upstairs. Not 10 minutes after I got into the dorm, the power went out. “Oh no! The world is going to end!” a common phrase rang through the halls. Not really the emergency lights came on in the hallway, we unplugged everything electrical and started our own party. We often leave our door open, so we have the three of us (Ryan, CJ and myself) in my room, soon joined by a cast of our CA Brenden, Heidi, Arielle, Kaci, Lacy, Codie, Brittany (and two of her friends), and Courtney, most of whom live on our floor. We hung out and talked, got a power surge of energy only to be thwarted by it going off again. Finally the fire alarms went off and we headed down to ground level, and eventually made our way to Spokane. Now I do not mean to make this seem as though it were just our dorm, it was all of the EWU campus, as well as the entire town of Cheney, I know weird, but we are safe and sound with electrical things buzzing as they usually do!

For those who like to be updated on my return plans, I will be home for Thanksgiving at the end of this month! I hope to see many of you that weekend, and if not Christmas break is just around the corner!

Thanks for checking out my blog!



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