A crazy adventure…

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Hey all!

So I am a little early this week, and with good reason! I first off only had my 8 am class today, but didn’t go to it. I know skipping quite the bad thing to do, however, I am well ahead in the class, and today was going over tests that I had received 5 extra credit points on. I also came home. That is right! I am back in Marysville for the time being! What would bring me all the way from Eastern Washington to Marysville, well there is the District cross country meet this weekend at South Whidbey that I fully plan on attending! Also, I want to see many of you at church on Sunday if the plans work out, for my traveling back to school.


This week has been quite the eventful one I must say! Cj and I again went to the Lutheran church that we have been attending each week which is growing on us. I want to say there was a big event on Sunday, however, I do not recall what it was, no there was no big event just a day of rest, and relaxation with homework in there too!


This seems pitiful to me, does it not to you? I am having a hard time recalling what all happened this week… moving on throughout my week definitely got a little more interesting. With it being midterms week and homecoming week, the school was in quite a frenzy getting ready for everything! Stars and red carpets showed up behind the PUB and the windows were painted with festive greetings for all of the alumni that would be returning this weekend. My days always continued as usual as the schedule is not disrupted for midterms testing just occurs.


I really only had one midterm test to take and that was for my Geography class, which if you have been paying any attention to any of my emails of late, it is my best class. I give myself a good grade on it, so we shall see how it turns out, STAY TUNED!!


My other classes are still going well. Music is a section tester, meaning the professor only tests on one section at a time and the tests do not build upon each other cumulatively, good for me! That class is still going well, we are in the classical period with a review on Monday and test on Tuesday!


My Computer class which I finished the take home test for on Thursday after I got it (it is pretty easy Codie, I stumbled on a few thought) and is going great! I think I told you last week about my Lit 1 test, and how I got a 98% on the test. Really good because that counts for 37.5% of my overall grade in the class!!


Finally life skills is life skills I am still learning what the class is all about…


Work. This week was mayhem at work. I commend all who have trained me in working with kids, and dealing with all sorts of misgivings over the years! I really put them to use this week! Monday started off in my finding out I would be the only paid worker, working there. The other three had grad classes, a class in Spokane and the third was sick. Not too bad on Monday just the usual day, with a fair amount of volunteers who helped out tremendously! Tuesday was a bit tougher with the two newest paid workers (Nikki and myself) being there we had a total of 9 volunteers and 6 kids, who took full advantage of the newcomers and got out of hand quickly, but again thanks to training that I have had from some previous experience everything was settled down rather quickly and the rest of the day went pretty smoothly.


For the majority of life, it is still going well. I am still loving college although home cooked meals, are something I could have a few more of, campus food, not that great when you eat it all the time.


Oh! Adventure of the week comes, from last nights trials to get back home. Ryan and I planned on driving his truck back home leaving after I got off work yesterday. We went and had dinner at the Roost, and then headed to grab all of our stuff to hit the road. A snag came when we got onto First Avenue and Ryan’s truck broke down. We had a friend come jump the truck get it going again and without headlights on the truck she lead us back to the school. We wanted to come home. Obviously we got here, so how did we do it? Any guesses? Did we fly? Teleport? Run? Ride bikes? No, no, all good options, but we took a train at 2 this morning and came into Everett about 9 or so. A wild night!


Brandon Bailey gave me a great idea last weekend about posting a blog each week with my emails, which I will continue to do for those of you who want to respond on there, also if I can figure a little more out about it I am sure I can start posting pictures up there as well!

Take care! I hope to see some of you Sunday!

Love you and miss you!



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