10/25/08 Think old Crime show TV

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Start Time 9:45
Hey all of you wonderful people! As you may have guessed it is that wonderful time of the week again, where you hear from me, Brandon Nobach, updater wonderaire.
*Think gloomy old crime show with spooky narrator voice*
This was like any other week in the town of Cheney, dark, overcast, with a bit of a frost in the air. Brandon started his week long adventures, waking up at 7 o clock on a Sunday morning, when he and Cj got up and took showers. After an escapade to the local church they ate breakfast with some of their dear friends Amanda and Kelsie, don’t forget a couple of Cj’s friends from home Brittany and Kelly. The day was filled with mystery all around, a new surprise lurking around every corner, Brandon didn’t know what to expect next.
Sleep snuck up on him after he finished Twilight that Sunday, kidnapping him to a place of a dark and dreamless sleep. The only thing that could arouse our sleeping protagonist, is well, himself as he woke up to a lightening sky, and the horrors of school that lay ahead in the day. Wondering what was to come, he carried out his usual morning activities: shower, breakfast, then off to Computer Literacy. The slight review that lay in wait was helpful, but the trap had been set unless our hero could daringly escape the dreads of his first Computer Literacy test, worth a glaring 37.5% of his grade. That adventure would have to wait as he soon found himself in the Life Skills class watching an old episode of Cheers (I know very educational). Off to another review session for the Music classes second test of the year, which would prove an even bigger challenge than the computer literacy test. The Baroque Period, Messiah and Handel, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. It was being made into one hard Tuesday.
(I see I have drifted from my overbearing narrator voice so I shall just continue as usual)
Monday I only have three of my classes Geography an optional study for the weekly map quiz on Tuesday afternoons.
Tuesday brought three classes again and as you may be able to deduct three tests. I managed all three of them rather well, acing the first part of the Comp. Lit test (the second part on Thursday I missed two questions, which brought my overall score to 98% on the test), the Music test I got a 47 out of 50 on bringing the percentage for that to a 96%, and finally my Geography test I ended with an 8.5, the rivers and mountains of Western Europe threw me for a loop. I did survive.
The rest of the week went on as usual nothing too exciting to talk about. Work of course is still going really well, I love it. I went and saw High school Musical 3 with Amanda Weaver last night it was a lot of fun, really good movie too. 
So how is everything with all of you, I know you all enjoy hearing about my week and how things are going here, at Eastern, but I also like hearing about all of your lives too, I know you may think it would be overbearing for me to receive so many emails back,  but I do not mind it in the slightest. It would give me something to do throughout the week email wise until my weekly email. I will try and respond as soon as I can if you reply to this!
I also would enjoy hearing how the Cross Country Teams at MPHS did today at leagues… full results if you will? send em my way!!
Miss and love you all!


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